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"After enjoying a successful 3 year period as a member of a number of the Business Network groups in the North West it was for me a natural progression to hosting my own group as a perfect compliment to my Coaching and Training Practice.

Many factors were of great appeal in choosing to become a Business Network Franchisee - here are just a few.

- The opportunity to meet many varied and interesting Business owners and leaders.

- The chance to build a successful group that (whilst was absolutely loyal and true to the business network format), was able to also capitalise on my people strengths and my passion for connecting like minded positive individuals to make long term relationships.

- With a young family to nurture, the Business network format enables to me to have the perfect balance of maintaining a productive and interesting business portfolio, whilst also ensuring that my family are given the time and attention they need also.

- Freedom to run my own Business, and at the same time not be alone; we work collaboratively along side the Franchisors and other hosts to build cross network alliances and share ideas and best practice.

- Learning new skills and being brave (eg: blogging, social media, speaking to random strangers on planes and trains!) and seeing those new things pay off in a quite rapid space of time.

- You can do it alone but if you want to build a membership of some scale (100+) you will need help with ongoing marketing and PR, managing the books, managing the system, calls etc. Can you do it alone - absolutely , but its much more fun and sustainable if you think big and plan big from the start.

- Finally knowing that I would be working with a team that made Business decisions strongly based on ethics and values (similar to my own) meant that I had utmost trust and faith in Russell and Helen and that we would make a great team.

Above all for me, if you want to do it you must have a passion for people, listen, ask great questions, get to know your members, be open to ideas, be confident, absolutely have energy in bags and be prepared to step up and lead your merry band of members to success!

If any would be Franchisee's would like to chat I would be happy to share my experiences.

Tracy Griffiths, The Business Network Chester

Tracy Griffiths

Tracy Griffiths

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